Orange G​-​Sus, I'd Cook You Grilled Cheeses

by Jess Goldey

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This is a song about Claude Giroux I've had written since November; all in good fun, of course. I'm glad to finally be able to upload this for all the world to get a kick out of. Obviously Mr. Giroux has no idea what he's missing out on right now, so I'm trying to let him know. If you found this even the least bit entertaining or awesome, you should definitely send this song along to your friends or tweet it to the world, whichever is most convenient for you. Help a girl out. Go Flyers.

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Hey I know you but you don't know me
Though I really think that you should
I'm sure you have no problem getting girls
But none of them are this good

I go to your games
And I like watching you play
You make magic happen out on the ice
And all those things you do with that hockey puck
Well it makes me want you to entice

I love your French Canadian accent
You look so good in the orange and black
and if you give me the chance
Well I'll never let you down.

Hey Claude Giroux, I wanna date you.

I'm not interested in all that money you make
Just gettin' to know you'd be kinda cool
I've been a fan of the Flyers for all my life
And hangin' out with you'd really rule.

I can play the guitar, enjoy eating pizza
And I can play ice hockey, too.
And honestly, I'm so simple to please.
I'd be so stoked to do nothing with you.

I think you're cute with or without a mustache
You make me smile the way you set up a goal
And if you gave me a chance,
Well I'd never let you down.

Hey Claude Giroux, I wanna date you.

The way that you play hockey makes me feel tingly inside
I can only imagine how great it'd feel if you let me call you mine.
Hey G, for what it's worth, I think you're way better than Crosby.
'Cuz he's a whiny bitch and you're a real man, not a pussy.

So just let me know, we can take it slow.
I'm not tryna be your wife.
But I was kinda hoping you'd be into making out once or twice.

Hey Claude Giroux,
Hey Claude Giroux.
Hey Claude Giroux…..
….I wanna date you.


released May 3, 2012
Jess Goldey - Guitar/Vocals
Vince Spina - Bass/Recording Engineer
Brandon Wallace - Drums



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Jess Goldey Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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